As with all OpenSource projects, it is easy for you to help or advance WebCleaner.

The easiest thing is probably sending me URLs of web pages that do not work correctly through the WebCleaner proxy.

If you want to implement a feature you need for yourself, here are some suggestions that might be helpful on a UNIX workstation.

  • You will need additional software packages to work with the WebCleaner Git repository:

    • a git client
    • automake >= 1.9
    • libtool
    • python docutils >= 3.3

    Instructions to pull the git tree are at the WebCleaner Git repository page. The quick way is to run:

    git clone git://webcleaner.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/webcleaner/webcleaner

    After checking out the tree, run ./autogen.sh to generate all the Makefiles. Then run make localbuild to compile a local version. To start the proxy run scripts/startdev.sh config.

  • When you want to send me patches, you can use the git-format-patch(1) command.

SSL Gateway


The SSL gateway is still considered in development, so use with care.


An SSL gateway enables filtering of https traffic by spawning an SSL server on the local host (port 8443 per default) through which all secure traffic is routed.


An SSL gateway has the disadvantage of having to fake the SSL certificate from the original server and replace it with our own certificate, which uses the owner name “WebCleaner Server”. Your browser will issue a warning that this certificate is not the original one your requested. So in order to not weaken your secure web surfing experience, make sure you have set up the WebCleaner SSL gateway yourself and configure it to not allow administration of another person except yourself.

Data flux

                       DOWN                    UP

 WEBCLEANER PROXY (localhost:8080)
    HttpClient         init server, filter     pass data back to
       |               request data and pass   browser
       |               it to HttpServer
    HttpServer         make connection to      receive filtered data,
       |               localhost on ssl port   pass it on to HttpClient
       |               and pass request data
 WEBCLEANER SSL SERVER (localhost:8443)
    SslClient          init server and ssl     pass data back to
       |               handshake; filter       HttpsServer
       |               request data and pass
       |               it to SslServer
    SslServer          connect to remote ssl   filter data, pass it to
       |               server, make (SSL)      SslClient
       |               request